Jan 02, 2013

What are you looking forward to seeing in tech for 2013?

For me, it's Ouya - I'm interested in in not only from a gamer's perspective, but also as an open source consumer product. Sure, Android is open source, but for the most part it isn't in the living room of the average consumer. It will be fun to see how Ouya does over time, and now that the first developer kits have gone out, the wait is almost over. What are you anticipating for 2013?


Google's Project Glass. I remember watching the Six Million Dollar Man as a kid, and while this may not give me the superhuman speed and strength of Steve Austin, being able to wear around glasses that augment reality (and let me call the local pizza place if I get a little peckish) is probably as close as I'm going to get. 

I'm very interested in seeing if the mythical Apple television (or set top box or whatever) makes its appearance. We've been hearing for years that Apple has plans for TV, but only the current Apple TV is available. I would like to see them change that industry the way they changed phones. Right now television is a pretty bad experience, for the most part.
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