Dec 31, 2012

How do I set up an iPad for multiple users?

I want to let my son use my new iPad at times (like when the family goes out to dinner), but I don't want him messing anything up. How can I set it up for multiple users so that I can enable parental restrictions without restricting my own activity? Maybe I'm extra slow today, but I can't seem to find where the multiuser settings are located.

You want may want to try Guided Access. Using this feature of iOS, you can lock someone to a single app, protect the hardware buttons, and mark certain areas on the screen so he can't touch them.

Sorry, but iPad doesn't offer multiuser support. I don't really understand why Apple decided not to include this feature. After all, think about how many times you see kids distracted by a smartphone or tablet so their parents can have a few quiet minutes to eat/talk/fly/etc. It would be nice to limit the amount of damage they could do through multiple user support. 

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