Dec 31, 2012

How do you ensure your web site works properly on different platforms?

What is the best emulator for testing out web sites? I need to make sure that our web sites work on all the different browsers and OSes that are out there in the wild. What do you use to make certain that everything works for visitors on different platforms? 

I have to admit that I don't bother. Some platforms such as iOS offer things like Reader. Reader will reformat a web page on a mobile device to make it easier to read. So why bother having a mobile version? Most people on iOS hate mobile versions anyway, since those devices work well with full versions of sites.

Obviously, this might not be true for other platforms. But I think tools like Reader are working their way into devices. So the days of having a mobile site may soon be behind us.


I can't recommend a "best" emulator, but here are some I've run across ...


BrowserStack -- Used by (among others) AT&T, Salesforce, United Airlines, Wikipedia, Expedia, Yelp. Cost ranges from $19 (individual) to $169 (corporate) a month.


The next two are specifically for testing sites on mobile devices and platforms, which obviously are increasingly important...


Mobile Phone Emulator (Just search on this name. It comes up first. For some reason, when I pasted the URL for this site in the answer field, it triggers the spam filter. I don't know why.


The other is: Screenfly




There are some different options out there, but here are three that I have found userful:

Cross Browser Testing


Xenocode Browser Sandbox

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