Dec 27, 2012

Can you run win 8 on a andriod tablet

If you root a andriod tablet would you be able to load win 8 on to it.

Why bother? Android has its drawbacks, but why would you want to replace it with Windows 8? It's sort of like out of the frying pan and into the fire. If you really want a tablet, check out an iPad mini or iPad. They are, hands down, the most dominant tablets around right now.

Nope. Number one, Windows isn't open source like the Android OS, so you are not going to have legions of developers combing through code to make it work with the hardware.  Also, I don't know if you have ever tried to get a custom ROM that was designed to work with some Android devices to work with other Android devices, but brother, it ain't easy.  There are so many differences in hardware that trying to flash a ROM that works on a very similar device can result in a bricked phone if you try to "make" it work on a variant. I've ran into this where the only difference was the screen manufacturer had changed during the production run, and when I tried to flash the ROM that worked with the early production devices on a later device....bricked it. Oh, and good luck dealing with Windows 8 UEFI.  


Microsft laid out the requirements to run Win 8 so you can see if the hardware is even in the ball park. BTW, you would also have to deal with the fact that Android and Windows devices have specific "buttons", (menu, search, home, etc.) and you would have to make those work in ways that were not intended.  


Rooting gives you many options, but it doesn't give you the option to turn an android device into an Apple or Microsoft device. 

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