Dec 26, 2012

Best open source projects

I am searching for an open source project as my graduation project how should i start ?


If your looking to contribute, and you can program in C, then you'll be able to help many projects.  If you're interested in a real ground breaker, check out Genode http://genode.org/.  It's a new microkernel OS Framework, and it's the most promising I've seen yet.   I personallty like working with Genode, running the FIasco.OC microkernel, but the kernels are completly modular.  I belive this project might one day shake up the current OS landscape.

Do something fun that interests you. That's the best way to get it done, and it won't even seem like work since you wanted to do it anyway.

Why not develop a simple Android app? It should satisfy the open source requirement, give you some practical experience, and be relatively straightforward. There are lots of resources available to help you through it both on-line and in print. Plus, there is even the possibility that you could list it on Google Play and make a few bucks off of it, if you do something innovative.  

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