Dec 26, 2012

Have HP G6 with Win8 OEM product. Wont recognize login ID

Just got this last week preloaded. When I added my wife as a user for her home office. It started to not recognize my admin password. Had to reboot computer which would kick us both off. HP support had me do PC refresh lost some preloaded programs and such. Worked for about 2hrs. Tried to log us both in to our respective accounts. Know it wont recognize mine or the wifes login ID. Is this a known issue for Win8?

Hi, if you need to login to your Windows admin password but the computer won't recognize it. Try to use Windows Password Recovery Tool. I get it from http://www.windowspasswordsrecovery.com
if you use a Microsoft account to login, and since Microsoft manages those accounts online, you can easily reset your lost Windows 8 password from any browser, on any computer or device, including your smartphone.Unless, a recovery tool called [url=http://www.lostwindowspassword.com]Windows Password Key[/url] can solve it.
In your situation ,you can use third-party software to reset the unrecongnized password. I recommend one to you -Windows Password Key. Here are steps that you will follow:If you  want to break admin password instantly without complex steps you can turn to Windows Password Key for help.Here are steps to use it:
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You may try to reset Windows password with Windows password reset tool without login any Windows account, after resetting your Windows account, set a new password for your Admin account. And then restart your computer.

I'd contact the place you got it from, and/or Microsoft. You shouldn't have to jump through hoops just to login. If you can't get it resolved, get your money back and move to a new system.

I had not heard of this happening until your post, but then again Windows 8 hasn't been around all that long. I poked around the interwebs a little, and found examples of a few people having similar issues, but no real definitive answer.  I wonder if you could use a save point to revert back to when you don't have an issue, then reset your admin password as an open field to at least prevent you from being locked out.  Even if it works you will have an admin profile with no p/w, which is obviously not ideal, but maybe it would give you time to find an actual solution.


I did find a post about conflict between Windows Live passwords and Windows 8 passwords due to the Windows 8 login only allowing 15 character passwords, but this obviously doesn't sound like it applies in your case since it actually worked for a bit. Other than running through the classic checklist (caps lock on/off, num lock off), I can't think of anything off the top of my head. 


I wish I knew an answer for you, it must be mega-annoying. If you figure it out, post the solution, I would like to know what the issue is and how to resolve it for future reference. 

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