Dec 26, 2012

What's the best Siri like app for Android?

I know that there are a few different Siri-like personal assistant apps available for Android. Are they any good? Do they work as well as Siri? I'm actually not all that into the my phone talking to me thing, but one of my pals is a Apple fanboy par excellence, and it irritates him to no end when I go, "Yeah, I can do that too." I don't expect anything will equal the fun of listening to him go on and on about Apple Maps having turn-by-turn directions on iOS6, and then pulling out my old Android phone running 2.3 and opening Navigation - "You mean like this?" It warms my heart a little just thinking about it.

What is he talking about
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5 Best Free Siri Alternatives for Android

"One of the most hyped features of recently launched iPhone 4S was Siri, the new voice assistant application for iPhone. I don't own an iPhone 4S and hence I can't comment on how good Siri works. But upon searching a bit, I found out that there are quite a few good Siri alternatives for Android readily available in the Android Market and most of them are free too. Here is quick collection of top free Siri alternatives for Android."

Probably the best is Speaktoit Assistant. I've had it on my table for quite a while now, and it works pretty well. The developers are also pretty good about updating it to add new features and refinements. There is also Skyvi, which is quite popular, but I've been pleased enough with Assistant that I haven't really given Skyvu a fair trial. As to whether Speaktoit Assistant works as well as Siri, I would say yes for the most part, although it is more demanding that you use the proper phrase to do things. Assistant does have some cool features like "Daily Briefing" that runs through weather, news headlines and your calendar for the day. 


If you had a new Samsung Galaxy S3 you could use their built in "S-Voice" app. I haven't tried it myself. Also, don't forget that there are quite a few voice commands baked into Android, so you can do things like voice search and dictate right out of the box. 

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