Dec 20, 2012

How many passwords does the average person use?

My password management has run amok, I have too many complicated passwords to keep track of. How many is too many?
Far too many at this point. I can't even give you the total number of them I have. But it does get irritating to keep track of all of it. But what else can we do? Gotta have some sort of security for most things and a password works well in that regard.

I would be surprised if it is more than 5 for personal use, with a dedicated password perhaps for each really important thing such as bank accounts or email, and reused passwords for things like forums.  Work is a different matter, depending on what you do you might have a lot, like Dave (300!), or literally zero. I always shake my head when I see the inevitable "Worst Passwords of 20XX" article at how many really, really weak passwords people use. I can understand it to some degree, though - as with most things, people tend to get complacent if something hasn't caused them any problems. Yet.   

I've got over 300 passwords but I am able to keep unique and strong passwords with an application called KeePassX which is a Linux version of an application I used in Windows called KeePass. Both programs are good. I also put the password file on a USB thumb device and carry it around with me in case I'm on another computer.

Thanks Dave!

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