Dec 20, 2012

Will going through an airport x-ray machine damage a laptop?

I don't generally fly anymore, and I've never flown with a laptop before. I remember back in the days of film in cameras there was a concern that x-rays could damage the images. Is there anything to worry about with laptops and smartphones? I have to catch a flight for Christmas, and I don't want to risk damaging my stuff.


hi, it could be possible beacuse Xray has contains a Ultra violet rays and its affected the digital data.

so whether its  a images or files, word documents, applications etc.

No, it shouldn't cause any damage. Here's a neat article with photos that show you what your laptop looks like inside an xray machine.


You will be fine, people do it all the time, just look around you after you board the plane. Maybe you will get lucky and see Alec Baldwin playing Words with Friends. 


The biggest risk is TSA "security".  They aren't always careful with your things, and some of their agents have had a particular fondness for iPads, so keep an eye on them and watch the watchers.  ABC News has an article that lists top 20 airports for TSA theft based on the number of TSA employees fired for it - might want to keep an extra close watch if you are flying through Miami (29), JFK(27) or LAX(24). 



Short answer: No.


Long answer: Absolutely not. You have nothing to worry about...


"X-ray machines emit an electromagnetic energy, which is not magnetic, and does not damage or destroy electrical equipment or magnetic sensitive data."



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