Dec 20, 2012

Energy efficient printers

Looking for information on energy efficient printers - are there any published standards?
Here's a fairly recent article that lists some of them.

Top 10 Most Energy Efficient Laser Printers

"In choosing the ten most energy efficient laser printers – print speed and energy consumption served as focal parameters. Consequently, ranking the selection proved to be tricky given the need to strike a balance between the set criteria. An energy saving printer may rate poorly in terms of print speed while a high speed printer will most likely eat up a lot of electrical energy.

Putting ourselves in the shoes of a printer buyer eyeing an energy efficient unit, the ensuing purchase would likely be a compromise between the set criteria of print speed and energy efficiency. The buyer either sacrifices print speed to get an energy saving unit (some designed with Energy Star technology) or dispenses with the criteria of energy consumption in favor of pages per minute production."

Just look for the Engery Star certification on the printer. 


On the Energy Star site there is a link to both an Excel spreadsheet and PDF of the qualified printers. There is more information about the standard in the guidence section of the page.


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