Dec 20, 2012

How to add multiple PST files in Outlook

How cam I add multiple PST files in Outlook without loss of any single PST info?


You can use "Open Outlook Data File" option to import PST files in Outlook with proper details.
People here are recommending third-party paid tools for such task what can be done manually with ease. How funny is this?

Anyway, there is an easy and simple manual trick available that can import PST file to Outlook (any version). If interested in the manual trick, I can share this blog post here:


Though it takes enough time to import PST files to Outlook if files are large in numbers. But the trick would be effective in case of 2-3 PST files need to be imported.


Hi jeet, Want to add PST files in Outlook then try Systools ADD PST Software. it is one of best tool as compare to other product. During the putting email files in Outlook it take care about the originality of the PST files and does not alter data. It import safely and keep sustain emails files intact with PST headers, and body parts. So without any circumstance you can move entire Outlook factors and multiple PST files, folder instantly. 

I'm not aware that you can do that. As I understand it AddPST is probably your best bet.

There isn't any way to do it natively in Outlook as far as I know, it is one at a time. There are third party tools that can do it like AddPST and whatnot, but I've never used any of them, so I don't know which are junk and which are golden. I would be very cautious about what software I gave access to Outlook though - very, very cautious. If you decide to do it anyway, make sure to check lots of reviews for any software that you are considering.   

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