Dec 19, 2012

What does InPrivate browsing hide on Internet Explorer?

Does anyone know what the InPrivate browser setting on IE actually hides and doesn't hide?

See this short article:

InPrivate Browsing

"InPrivate Browsing helps prevent your browsing history, temporary Internet files, form data, cookies, and user names and passwords from being retained by the browser. You can start InPrivate Browsing from the Safety menu, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+P, or from the New Tab page. Internet Explorer will launch a new browser session that won’t keep any information about webpages you visit or searches you perform. Closing the browser window will end your InPrivate Browsing session."

Cookies, history lists, toolbar add ons.  You can use Ctrl+Shift+P as a shortcut, by the way. It doesn't hide your IP address, so don't get too crazy while using InPrivate browsing.  

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