Dec 19, 2012

Total cost of ownership for multifunction printers

I'm looking for a few good resources that walk me through the costs associated with MFPs for small to mid-sized businesses.

Here's an article that covers things to consider when buying one.

Printer Cost of Ownership: Ten Things to Consider When Buying a Multifunction Printer

"Understanding the cost of ownership is only a small part of truly understanding expense. Supplies and service costs will sometimes far outpace initial acquisition expense over the life of the equipment. For example, inkjet all-in-one printers are usually very inexpensive to purchase but can cost more to supply. That can be alright if you print/copy less than 30 pages a day. However, large amounts of pages printed on this type of device can be expensive."

There is an article about it I read a while ago. It might point you in the right direction. Otherwise, just look at the cost of replacement printer cartridge combined with purchase cost. Some companies are notorious for jacking up the prices on replacement cartridges. 


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