Dec 19, 2012

Why my computer often stops when playing Blu-ray?

My computer often stops when I start to play Blu-ray.

What kind of Blu-ray player and drive are you using?

maybe it is because your player is wrong or your drive . you can change it.


There is one thing you should note, that is whether you computer support Blu-ray. Generally, a PC need the blu-ray drive, the good GPU and CPU, enough storage to play Blu-ray, just check out the PC at first.

You might want to contact your computer's manufacturer, or the bluray drive manufacturer if it is an external drive. Look for their support pages, forums and wiki information.

All the junk software in the world isn't going to do you any good if you don't have a Blu-ray drive, which you probably don't. A lot of dishonest snake-oil salesmen will push software - they just "forget" to mention the fact that you have to have the proper hardware for it to work.

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