Dec 14, 2012

Best drawing tablets for artists?

My little brother is to head off to college next fall to pursue a BFA. I was thinking about getting him a drawing tablet to use with his Mac as a Christmas present, but I honestly have no idea what to look for. Actually, I guess I shouldn't ask what is the "best" drawing tablet, but what is a good one that doesn't cost too much. I want to get him something nice, but I can't spend like a thousand dollars on it. Thanks for any suggestions.

I'd go with a Wacom. I have one and it's quite nice. I'd actually bring him with you, and let him pick out the tablet. Or get him a gift certificate and let him choose the one he wants. That way you'll adhere to your budget, while letting him pick the one he wants to get.

For the money, I'd second the Wacom Bamboo drawing tablets.  I've use one, and they are pretty neat.  They make a few different versions. If you are buying for someone who is pretty serious about art, I would gravitate towards the bigger versions, like the Create. They may not be the pinnacle of drawing tablets, but they are a solid value and get pretty positive reviews.


This Mac/Life article from last February offers several suggestions for drawing tablets, including:


Wacom Bamboo (starting at $79)


Intuos tablets (from $229 to $789, depending on size)


The others were priced above $1,000, which you can't spend. But it looks like you have options below that. One question you'll need to answer is what size tablet to buy. Obviously larger means more money, but you don't want it to be too small.



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