Dec 13, 2012

How to record Skype calls

Is there a way to record your calls over Skype?

you can see here how to record skype calls
Really old post here. But it seems I can find a related post concerning the topic. See whether it works for you.

I can share you a great application which is often used by my friends and me to record Skype calls and GoToMeeting. It enables you to record your voice and the video simultaneously. You can check here to get more ideas about how to use it to record Skype call.
This article might be useful.

5 Great Ways to Record Skype Calls

"I have been looking to find a way to record my Skype VoIP calls. I do most of my interviews using Skype because my AT&T reception is very bad, I have to sit in my balcony in the northwest corner. I often lean over the balcony to get better reception. After almost dropping my phone and also myself off the balcony I now just make calls by Skype. The calls are recorded using the iPhone recording app carefully positioned closely to my laptop speakers. I still have no idea why Skype doesn’t implement this functionality.

Until that happens it’s time for me to branch out and find a better way to record my VoIP calls. In my search I came up with 5 great apps to record VoIP calls."

There are a number of different programs that will let you do this: AthTek Skype Recorder, MX SkypeRecord, IMCapture, Skype Call Recorder, etc.  If you are a Linux user, there is a nice video that runs through setup and use of Skype Call Recorder. I don't know that it is a better choice than some of the others, but I thought you might find it interesting.


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