Dec 12, 2012

What are some good stocking stuffers for techies?

Christmas is coming up, and I need to get a few small presents ($20 or less) as stocking stuffers and presents for my coworkers. Yeah, I know, weird right, but most of us actually like each other and are friends outside of work. Any suggestions?

I think gift certificates at Amazon.com or iTunes would work the best. Amazon has tons of merchandise and iTunes has lots of apps and other media content.

A safe bet for most people would be either a $10 Google Play or iTunes gift card.  Except that Apple made it $15 minimum for the iTunes gift card, so you better like those people 50% more. 


Another thing that you might consider are those little iLove pop up speakers.  I just bought a couple of the iHM60GT speakers for around $17 each.  They plug into any 3.5mm jack, so they will work with almost anything and sound pretty good for a tiny portable speaker.  The X-Mini 2 is similar and priced about the same if you want a different style.


If there is a Linux fan you are shopping for, you might consider Rebel Code: Linux and The Open Source Revolution. It's a pretty good book, and you can pick up a paperback edition for $10-15.


If you want to spend a little extra, I personally would suggest an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle.  It's useful against bandits and bears.       

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