Dec 10, 2012

How to learn Joomla!

I know the basics of Joomla!, but I still don't know everything to really use it to the fullest. Are there any good tutorials or guides that people have found to be particularly helpful?

See this article about learning Joomla for beginners. It might be useful.

Joomla! Beginners

"As someone who has not used Joomla! before, you need to know how to get started. Maybe you have a friend or a neighbour who uses Joomla! and you want a Joomla! web site of your very own. Maybe you have a small business or a club or a community that needs a web presence, and you want to use Joomla! for that purpose. Maybe you are a seasoned Information Technology professional, but you have never Joomla! before. If so, you are just starting a very enjoyable journey and we warmly welcome you to Joomla! and encourage you to read the
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Joomla!"

There are a number of online tutorials that are pretty good.


For a general Joomla tutorial that gives users a solid introduction check out SiteGround:



You might also want to check out joomblatutorials.com, which has some decent template design tutorials.  

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