Dec 10, 2012

Will you still use Google Apps if you have to pay for it?

I use Google Apps at my office, and have for a long time. Google is starting to charge business users, even small business users, to use Apps now. I'm grandfathered in at free (at least as I understand it for the time being). Would you pay to use Apps, or is it only worth considering when the price is zero?

I don't use Google's apps much any more, though I used to a few years ago. If it has enough value, people will pay for it. Otherwise, they won't. It also depends on how much Google plans to charge for access to their applications.

Sure, it's still cheap.  A few years ago I wouldn't have, because Apps just wasn't (weren't?) all that polished. Now they are much better.  Also, the new "pay" Apps will have actual 24/7 customer service, which is a nice upgrade from 0/0 customer service.  Plus, what is the charge now? $5 per user per month or something close.  If your business can't swing that, things are not going well.  

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