Dec 03, 2012

Do consumers care whether or not you can repair hardware?

As pretty much every tear down of recent Apple products has shown, they are not making many things that are easily repairable, if repairable at all. This makes sense to some degree at the low end of the spectrum. After all, if my $75 Acme smartphone breaks....meh. However, if my $500 off contract iPhone breaks....wahhhhh! This is true for Macs as well, and at this point we are talking about machines that can literally cost thousands of dollars being so difficult to repair that they almost become disposable. Has the product cycle gotten so short that people really don't care about this any longer, or are most people just living in a world of blissful ignorance (or possibly with "it won't happen to me" syndrome)?

I doubt most Apple customers care. They probably would just bring it to a retail store, and have it fixed there or replaced. I'm sure there a few geeks that want to do it themselves, but not many.

I doubt most of them think about it.  Those Apple customers that do probably ante up for an Apple warranty.  It's a trade off - you get a device that is as slim and elegant as possible, but it's a bear to repair.  Fortunately, most Apple products are pretty reliable. 

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