Dec 03, 2012

What was Microsoft's worst version of Windows?

After being hit with ads for Windows 8, Bing, and Surface every time I turn on the TV or go online recently, I started wondering - What was the worst Windows version that Microsoft ever released? To be fair, there have been a couple I really liked, including Window XP and Windows 7. I have my "winner" firmly in mind, but what do other people think is the worst Windows OS ever?

windows 8 was pretty bad, ME was worse, and then Vista was the worst of them all.

in terms of phone OSes cyanogen mod is the best. far better than windows phone 7/8.

I have tried windows 10. and while i do not understand the naming system, it is a big improvement on windows 8/8.1
Windows 8/8.1 is the most worst OS i've seen. I must use this shit at work!!! I have no choice and nothing to do :(
My nr.1 is Windows 7 (using at home) nr.2 is XP and nr. three Windows 98SE.
I didn't use Vista but i know it's a bad one (not more than 8)

Windows 8 is even worse than ME, Vista and 3.1.

Best were 98SE and XPSP3.


I just hope the genius who made this fucking window 8 will burn in HELLL!!! damn i cant find nothing NOTHING in this damn windows, unlike mac instead of making it simple they made it so complicated that even advanced users become SUPER FURIOUS ! I would trade this licensed peace of shit on windows XP any day !


To me, the worst OS from Microsoft is a tie between Windows ME and Windows 7 because they are not fit for a heavy work load. Windows 2000, XP and Vista are the best OS's from Microsoft when it comes to configuring and getting work done. I tried Windows 7 for a month and I would have to say it was one of the most troublesome, unstable, pickiest OS that I have every used,  It runs just like Windows ME did years ago.

After spending two weeks on Microsoft's Technical support pages, I got fed up and dumped Windows 7 and installed Vista and I haven't had any more problems.

All the workstations run Linux and the two backup servers run Vista.

I wish Microsoft would go Open Source on Vista because is has a lot of potential which could be fixed by adding older hardware support such as SCSI controllers and the like.


Vista was bad. ME was worse. Win8 is worst of all, by far.


People put up with garbage OSes like iOS and Android because they're all that will run on crappy ARM CPUs.


Why would anyone with a powerful i86-based computer or workstation want to run a cellphone OS?


I prefer to sit at least 6 feet from my 55" monitor, so touchscreen capability is not an issue. I will often have 4 windows open and tiled, each with its own app running simultaneously. The MoronGUI, formerly known as Metro, wants you to view only one window at a time. Perhaps they should change the name to Window8 (singular).

Until recently, I thought it was Windows ME. Then I saw Windows 8. Oh my! What a stinker!

Apparently the consensus winner is Windows Me, and I will jump right on that bandwagon.  It was terrible.  I had it on a home PC and it was not a stable OS.  PC World ranked Me #4 in their worst tech products of all time list.  Vista wasn't great, either, but compared to ME it was excellent. 


I would vote for Microsoft Windows ME, Windows Vista wasn't that good too. 


My general rule of thumb is to avoid every other version of Windows.


8 -- I can't comment on it yet, but if the pattern holds, I'll avoid it as long as possible.

7 -- great

Vista -- bad

XP -- good

ME -- very, very, very bad

98SE -- good, what Win98 should have been

98 -- bad

95 -- good

... the pattern holds.


Obviously, based on the list above, WinME is my candidate for "worst version of Windows".

In addition to the "every other version" rule, Win7 was the only version that I purchased before Service Pack 1 came out. Maybe when they roll out Win8 SP1, I'll think about it.


3.11 for Workgroups - bad

3.1 - good


Presumably, 3.0 was bad, 2 was good (or at least good enough to make Apple try to sue Microsoft over the "look and feel" - sound familiar?), and 1 was awful.  However, I don't have install disks for 1 or 2, so I can't verify (I remember 3.0 being pretty bad compared to 3.1, though).


Also, there was a bit of a subversion to this pattern in the NT family tree; NT 3.1 and NT 4.0 weren't great, while Windows 2000 remains my favorite version of Windows ever.

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