Nov 26, 2012

How can I build a private cloud?

I am looking for a good guide on how to create a private cloud. Obviously, I don't expect a step by step here, but it would be nice if there is an online resource that someone could point me towards. We are thinking about basing it on ubuntu to help keep costs under control. Also, what are typical minimal hardware/infrastructure requirements for installing a private cloud? Thanks!


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A private cloud is a cloud computing platform built on your own hardware and software. The alternative is to deploy the services you need on a public cloud infrastructure provided by an external supplier such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace Cloud or HP Public Cloud. While a public cloud can afford greater flexibility, with all resource delivered as a service and billed by the hour, a private cloud gives you the advantage of greater control over the entire stack, from the bare metal up to the services accessible to users.

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Here's the flip side of this, why you shouldn't build your own cloud.

Cloud Computing: Don't Build Your Own Private Cloud in 2012: 10 Reasons Why

"There are usually two or more sides to every story. There's the angle that comes from the originator of the story, and then there can be multiple additional perspectives. The world of cloud computing is no exception. While enterprises continue to build hybrid and private clouds that still require buying and implementing hardware and software, there are a number of reasons for some companies not to "roll their own" clouds. It all depends upon the IT requirements of the enterprise, to be sure.

In this eWEEK slide show we provide a contrarian position with reasons NOT to build a cloud system. In the interest of full disclosure, these reasons are being provided by a cloud-service provider, InfoStreet . Realizing that InfoStreet's view can certainly be viewed as self-serving, we present them here as a foundation for possible discussion.

Our information provider is Marcy Hoffman, vice president of demand generation at InfoStreet, which provides such cloud applications as virus-protected and spam-free email, email archiving, shared calendars, tasks, customer relationship management, file sharing, knowledge base, and portals."

Here is another guide that might be helpful is you are going the ubuntu path:



Here's how a guy from RightScale says he built a private cloud in his garage.


I know you don't expect "step by step," but this writer outlines five steps to building a private cloud.


This presentation from an O'Reilly OSCON conference details how to build a private cloud with Ubuntu Server 10.04 Enterprise Cloud. 


Not sure about the minimal requirements, but this article goes into a lot of detail about building a private cloud lab environment. It might help give you an idea.



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