Nov 26, 2012

Is it true that Windows 8 can't support DVDs?

Is it true that Windows 8 can't support DVDs? How can I play DVDs on Windows 8

Windows 8 support dvd's bcoz it contains additional features including all these in windows 7. also if you want you can even install windows 8 using dvd, you can create windows 8 dvd to install it..


I know exactly that along with the release of Windows 8, all kinds of media problems appears gratuitously. So as many of enthusiasts including me restarts the hunting the best supporter of different media formats.


Here I just would like to share some of my useful experience related to DVDs. I heard of this media software Easy DVD Player from one of my friends. After a trial for weeks, it is not bad and deserving your searching.


LOL - Easy DVD Player is terrible.  It cost $30, and has many poor customer reviews.  That's just a spammer driven rip off intended for suckers who don't realize they can get decent software for free.  Hopefully they read IT World and see that Easy DVD Play is a bad joke, and explore some of the GOOD FREE OPTIONS posters have offered instead. 

Here's how you can get Media Center for Windows 8 free, apparently. But you'll need to be running Windows 8 Pro.

Windows 8 Tip: Get Media Center for Free

"When Microsoft announced that it was removing Windows Media Center from Windows 8 and making it available as a paid add-on, enthusiasts howled. But in a rare if temporary mea culpa, Microsoft is now making Media Center available for free to anyone with Windows 8 Pro. But you need to act fast: This special offer is available only for a limited time.

It’s also only available for free to Windows 8 Pro users. Those with the base version of Windows 8 will need to pay for something called the Windows 8 Pro Pack, as you’ll see."

can't? not exactly.

You maybe don't need the Windows Media Center. Just choose the third party media players like VLC, App DVD player, Easy DVD player, etc.


Yes and no...


It's not supported out-of-the-box (as in: the codecs/licenses aren't present) if you just go out and purchase a copy of windows 8.  You can acquire them by for example buying the Media Center feature pack.


However, most OEM devices that have a DVD drive will most likely include the necessary codecs required to play DVD's.


They didn't include it in the basic version of windows because telemetry showed that most people never actually play dvd's on their computers.  And including the codecs/licenses makes Windows more expensive.  So most people were actually paying for a feature they never used.


Having said that, if you get/have a copy of windows 8 pro, you can acquire the media center expansion pack for free if your register for it before the end of januari 2013.

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