Nov 23, 2012

Regarding certified job profile in company

I am persuing MCA.I wanted to know that which courses are good for my profile? what exact role I'll play in industry after completing this?
kind of totally confused regarding what to add as advantage to my job profile in order to get hired by a s/w firm. courses demanded at present.

Here's some info about MCA.

Microsoft Certified Architect Program

"The Microsoft Certified Architect (MCA) program helps enable the highest-achieving professionals in IT architecture to distinguish their expertise. If you have proven experience as a technology architect who designs and delivers IT solutions for enterprise customers, and technical and leadership skills that surpass those of your peers, consider earning the MCA certification. By doing so, you can validate your advanced proficiency and join an exclusive, world-class community of experts."

Ahhhh, I never thought of that, I was assuming it was a Masters of Computer Applications.  One of my old roommates was Indian, and the MCA was a degree he got in India.  


Many people in the US don't know what an MCA is, just so you know.  I don't know what type of flexibility you have on electives, but in pretty much every field it is always good to have as much practical knowledge and experience as possible, and I would suggest selecting electives with that in mind.  Again, I don't know the program structure of the MCA, but from my own experience I know that it can be tempting to "take it easy" as one concludes a degree.  I would try to keep my nose to the grindstone as much as possible.  Perhaps someone from India/South Asia could give more a more specific response.     

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