Nov 22, 2012

How to make more people know about the shutting down of the famouse eBook store, Fictionwise, by 21, December?

eBook DRM will make their owners forever lose access to their purchased titles once the corresponding eBook providers stopped their service. I came across a post about the shutting down of Fictionwise last Friday.


Thanks for the heads up, I hope it saves folks from losing their stuff. Very good of you to do it.

I think you did just that.  At least there is an option to transfer your account and purchased titles to Nook if you are a Fictionwise user.  Things come and go, I guess, and progress marches on.  I have a lot of VHS movies in a box somewhere - and a lot of those same movies on DVDs, which are soon to go in a box alongside the VHS tapes.  

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