Nov 20, 2012

Is there any way to report against spammers?

Hi Everyone,


I'm kind of new here so need guidance from senior members. From the past few days I'm regularly getting reply notification via mail simply because of some spammers. I answered a question almost 8-9 weeks ago but, some people are spamming this useful topic for the sake of advertising. This is the question I'm talking about: 


This topic has become Spam Magnet probably because of good visibility in search engines. Spammers are misleading visitors and users by posting deceptive answers and leaving links pointing to their own website. If you closely look at the activities of some users like:


(TouchCopy_tw64491742Isore,  JonesPatricia_Y., BarrettMike_Yah... ) 


You can clearly identify that they are just spamming the topic. They created account here just to answer this question only. I have sent mail to itworld team (, it's been 20-25 days but no reply came from them. Is there anyone who can look into this matter seriously unless ITWORLD will soon become playground for spammers only.


At the bottom of each post under "Answer this Question", there are 4 options. The left most option is a "report" flag.  I'm not sure what happens after you send that down the tubes of the interwebs though.  

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