Nov 19, 2012

Is it ok to run Windows Defender while using avast! anti-virus software?

One of the "rules" I've always understood but never really tested is to be sure that you only have one anti-virus program running at a time. I'm using avast! on my Window 7 PC, and I have started using Windows Defender too. I haven't seen any issues. Should I stop using one of them? What will happen if I continue to use both?

I don't think you will have any problems, given the nature of the two programs. Try it, and if you see issues coming up, discontinue using one of the programs.

I agree with Mr. Nerney; it should be fine.  If you run two anit-virus programs simultaneously, you are likely to get conflicts, but since Windows Defender is really anti-spyware, there shouldn't be a problem.  I personally don't use avast! so I can't swear to it 100% though!  

Windows Defender for Windows 7 is anti-spyware software, while avast is anti-virus software (though Windows Defender for Windows 8 apparently has anti-virus capabilities).


From what I've read on various tech support sites, there shouldn't be any conflict.

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