Nov 19, 2012

How do I backup my old android and load my data on my new andriod

I have an old android and a new android, both made by HTC. I want to get my data from my old device to the new device. Please help and please post in layman,s terms.

My data is not on my phone it saying retry

If your phones are HTC androids, you can use HTC Sync to help. It lets you migrate data from one HTC Android to another. 

How to Upgrade to a New Android Phone and Take Everything with You

"Congratulations: you just got a brand new Android phone! If you're lucky, you got a great deal and a huge upgrade from your old Android device. Even so, your old handset has been with you for years and it's set up exactly how you like it—with all of your apps, contacts, and settings just so. Here's how to move all of that precious data to your new phone.

For some people, setting up a new phone is fun, but if you just want to get started with your new Android phone and donate the old one or put it in a drawer as a backup, here are some ways to get everything from the old phone to the new one.

We've broken this guide into two categories: The first section is for rooted phones, for users who know their way around under the hood of their Android device; the second section is for stock devices, for users who don't want to go through the hassle of rooting their old phone, or who have a new phone that hasn't been rooted yet."

If your devices are rooted use titanium, but if not use G cloud backup install it on your old device select what data you want to keep and then install the app on the new device and restore. Very simple and backs up most of the data on your device no need for more than one app.

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