Nov 16, 2012

What's the best tablet size for general use?

I was thinking of buying a tablet as a Christmas present for my sister. She's pretty much what I'd consider an average consumer. Has a smartphone, Android at the moment, but doesn't really have any brand loyalty. I've been looking at the Nexus Tablets and the Kindle Fire HD. The iPads are just too expensive, and since she isn't a current Apple user, I've crossed those off the list. So basically it comes down to size, and to a lesser extent price. Basially I have the 2 Nexus sizes, 7" and 10", and the Kindle's 8.9". For someone who I suspect will basically stick with the three big uses - internet use, Netflix and e-books, what size makes the most sense?

I wouldn't write off iPads altogether. Check the refurbished section on Apple's site. You can get some great deals there. You might also check ebay and other classified sites to see if you can pick up an iPad for less money.

I suggest visiting an Apple store and checking out the iPad mini. I have a full-size iPad, but if I were buying one now I would definitely consider the mini. It seems to have the perfect blend of screen size and light weight.

I agree with johanaparker and think the 10" is probably the best overall size, but that's not entirely without a caveat or two.  The 10" is better for most things, but I don't really like reading in bed with it as much as a smaller tablet.  The size, which is generally a good thing, becomes a drawback when I have to hold it for a long period while reading.  It isn't as if it weighs a ton, but it becomes noticeable for me after an hour or so.  I actually tend to use my son's Nook for reading in bed.    


I would go for the 10" one. Look at this poll on the same subject:


Go through with this tablet buying guide as well:


Hope it helps!

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