Nov 16, 2012

What's is the printer choice "XPS Document Writer" used for in Windows 7?

I was adding a new network printer, and under the "Choose Devices and Printers" choices I saw an option for Microsoft XPS Document Writer. I've never seen an physical XPS Document Writer before; what is this choice used for?

What Is an XPS Document Writer?

"The XPS Document Writer is a Microsoft program that produces files that work well for publishing--better, the company says, than what is offered by Adobe's PDF files. Microsoft is including the program with its software on new computers so that XPS will become universal."

It's not actually a printer.  It's a method for creating XPS files.  Which is probably something you will never need to do, but if you do Windows 7 has the capability to print or view them built in, unlike Windows XP.

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