Nov 15, 2012

How can I fix the GPS on my Android phone?

My phone's GPS used to work fine for literally years, but suddenly it just stopped functioning. The programs will still open, but there is never a fix on any GPS satellites, no matter how long I wait. Google maps still works, kind of, by using WiFi location data (NOW I see why Google was mapping that out), but that really isn't good enough for navigation. Is this a common problem with a common (hopefully easy) fix? The phone is an LG Optimus Slider with 2.2 Froyo. I guess I'm due a new phone anyway, but I'm a thrifty guy by nature and this phone still works fine except for this issue.

My GPS icon is not coming on to let you know that the GPS is working how can I get it to turn back on
You might find that resting your phone on its back on a substantial metal object helps. |See www.zelwyke.com/how-to-get-and-keep-a-gps-fix.html

One thing that sometimes works and it very easy is to reset the A-GPS data.  You can download the GPS Status app for free from Google Play and do it through the app.  Which, BTW, didn't help when my GPS stopped working, but it works for some people.   


Sounds like you're having the same problem I'm having. I always thought it was just my phone, but I found this article on Lifehacker. The author suggests three ways to solve or diminish the problem:


1. Make sure you're using Android's Assisted GPS feature.


2. Reset your assisted GPS data


3. Flash a custom ROM or radio


I don't even know what No. 3 means, but the Lifehacker article has all the details and how-to's if you're interested.



a custom rom is like the whole operating sistem of a phone, being ported or modded with alot of features that you wont find on your normal rom aka AOS, you need root for this btw, a radio is like the signal of the phone, many versions comes with different radios, you flasha radio depending of what version is your Rom or firmware, this fixes most problems with signal, etc. YOU NEED ROOT FOR THIS and on the majority of phones an UNLOCKED BOOTLOADER
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