Nov 13, 2012

Is there a need for a Social Media Security Professional certification?

I saw that there is a new "Social Media Security Professional" (SMSP) certification in the works. I'm old enough to remember when there wasn't Facebook (or even MySpace), so maybe I'm a bit of a geezer, but is here really a need for a separate IT certification for social media? Would getting the SMSP cert be a waste of time and money, or would it be something good to have on your resume to show you are hip to what the groovy young whippersnappers are doing on the interwebs these days?

So I just got this certification today. It was interesting, it is supported by CompTIA, so they either see value or see dollar signs as well. I would lean to the side of them seeing value though. The course was 2.5 days, then we took the certification. All in all, the training was ok at best, the certification had material that was vague and questionable. The idea or concept behind this certification is there and IMO valid. This is not your typical IT certification.
No, I think it's silly. But it's bound to make some money for the people who provide cert education. It's a hot trend, so they want to ride it to make as much money as they can.

If you are in the certification issuing business, I'm sure that's a big, resounding, "Yes, of course!"


I don't know, though.  social media is an important component of business communication, but for the most part the same security principles apply as with they do with anything else.  I'm not sure that it requires someone spending hundreds of dollars for a specific certification.  Plus, I don't think it is clear in many cases what ITs role in social media efforts is anyway.  In my company, it is basically to make sure the network functions so that the social media manager can do whatever it is she does.  


So I guess you can put me down as a no, I don't think it is a necessary certification.  

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