Nov 09, 2012

Windows 8 Apps won't start


Today I added a new User, my wife (I know a big mistake :-) ), since then if I am logged in with my Microsoft-Account the Apps won't start anymore, except the Windows-Store. But if my wife is logged in, all the apps are starting proberly. I can't see the problem...anybody..please.... help me!! :-)

thanks, andy
This article might be of use to you.

How to Turn Off Permissions in Windows 8

"Toning down the nagging permission screens in Windows 8 leaves your PC more vulnerable to the dark forces of computing. But if you find yourself grinding your teeth more than working, Administrator account holders may adjust the paranoia level of Windows 8 by following these steps:"


I'm not a Windows 8 user, so this is just a guess, but could your wife's account have been set up as an Admin, and somehow your account not have been granted the appropriate permissions?  Maybe your wife decided that you were spending too much time on the computer and decided to take matters into her own hands. ;-p


I would look at that, but obviously that isn't specific to Windows 8.  Hope you figure it out!  


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