Nov 09, 2012

Would you still use a movie service if it used camera to monitor the number of people watching?

This one kind of blew my mind, but Microsoft filed a patent for technology to use a camera (like, oh, the Kinect for instance) to keep track of the number of people that are watching a movie, and presumably charge an additional fee if there are too many people watching it. Seriously. http://www.kotaku.com.au/2012/11/this-kinect-patent-is-terrifying-wants-...

Would they actually try to do this? Would anyone in their right mind agree to terms of service that allowed it? When I was a little kid, I used to refuse to put on my PJs if the TV was on because I was afraid someone might be watching. Now I'm thinking perhaps I was just ahead of my time, and need to re-establish some of my childhood neurotic behavior.

No, I wouldn't use it. Initially, people might not know about it. But word would get out and a lot of people would opt not to use it. So I think it would be a loser financially at some point. A very dumb idea.

All sorts of stupid things get patented, without being actually produced.  I think that this is probably one of those, although you never know.  I can't imagine anything but a storm of negative publicity if this was ever implemented, assuming that the average Joe ever learned about it.  The only upside I can see from this patent is that it makes it slighly harder for some other evil entity to put the technology into use.    


No, I wouldn't, and I can't believe anyone else would knowingly do it. Talk about an invasion of privacy! 


People agree to all kinds of things in terms of service that they never bother to read, so plenty of people might inadvertently sign off on it. But I don't see this getting past the patent stage. It's such an offensive idea that I have to believe such a set-up would be doomed to fail.



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