Nov 01, 2012

What's the best way to preview website designs on different platforms?

Is there a better way to preview the way a site will look on various platforms (PC, tablet, smartphones, etc.) than running emulators?  

You might want to try Adobe's free BrowserLab site to check compatibility across different browsers.


"Adobe® BrowserLab is an online service that helps ensure your web content displays as intended. Accurately preview web pages across multiple browsers and operating systems, navigate links, and use diagnostic tools to optimize websites efficiently. "


Responsivator will provide a preview for many platforms.  Just enter in your site's URL and it will show how it will look on most common platforms.  It's super easy, and a lot less clunky.  It's open source, so you can either go to the site http://dfcb.github.com/Responsivator/ or, if you prefer, you can run your own instance on your own server.  It's a pretty cool tool.  Hey, that rhymes!  Anybody want a peanut?  (Said as I pour out a little coffee in memory of Andre the Giant.) 

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