Nov 01, 2012

Would you purchase a refurbished tablet?

I found a pretty nice 10" Android tablet at a good price, but the thing is, it is refurbished. I know that there is a warranty, but that wouldn't negate the headaches of sending it back and potentially losing files or data. I was wondering if anyone had any experience with refurbished tablets, and whether it was positive or negative. Would you purchase a re-manufactured tablet, or spend an extra $90 and get the same thing new in box?


Yes, I would definitely go for it. It is only for $90 which is great if someone is looking for a budget tablet to save few bucks.


I'd say that $90 is a pretty good price to buy peace of mind. My daughters have received refurbished phones after damaging or losing theirs, and they never have been as good as the new devices.

Sure, why not? As long as the warranty applies, I say go for it. I know you can get good deals on iPads in Apple's refurbished section on their site. If you want to save a few bucks, refurbished tablets can be a great way to do that while still getting an excellent product.

Refurbished isn't the same as remanufactured, just FYI, since I noticed you used both terms in your question.  Refurbished basically means somebody made sure it works - replaced a switch or battery or whatever.  Remanufactured means returned to as new condition.  I have had mixed results in the past with refurbished products, some were as good as new, while some looked as if they had been thrown around by gorillas.  I'm VERY picky about some things, such as scratches on displays, and I've seen refurbished TVs that had dead LEDs, so I wouldn't be surprised if a tablet had a less than perfect display.  That's a deal breaker for me.  Of course, there is the possibility that it could be perfect.  If you can see it ahead of time, than fine.  If you have to order it sight unseen, I would pass and spend the extra money. 

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