Oct 29, 2012

How do I get WiFi to work again after installing iOS6?

Since I upgraded my iPhone 4 to iOS the WiFi switch has been grayed out so I can't turn WiFi on. Obviously this is not good, because without WiFi, it won't take long to burn through my monthly data allotment. Has anyone else ran into this WiFi problem after upgrading to IOS6? More importantly, how do I fix it so I can have WiFi enabled again? I never had any issues before the upgrade.


A Wifi button just greyed out and never came back. A few days ago i had a trip, and in one place there was no radio coverage for about 20 minutes. After that I have noticed that my wifi is working again. Its already 4-5 days, and i don't have any more issues with a wifi, plus my battery is working much better now (I could say twice better).



Maybe this will help someone.




I went to the apple store and was told my iPhone is broken - They said this is not a software problem, that I have a hardware problem.  I don't buy it.  Too many of us are having the same problem.  Please open this URL and sign the petition about the ongoing iPhone WiFi problem. http://www.change.org/petitions/apple-inc-release-an-explanation-on-the-...

Here's a thread in the Apple Support Communities with some suggestions that might work:


"Try the following:
- A reset. Nothing is lost
Reset iPod touch: Hold down the On/Off button and the Home button at the same time for at
least ten seconds, until the Apple logo appears.
- Reset network settings: Settings>General>Reset>Reset>Network Settings
- Restore from backup
- Restore to factory settings/new iPod."

I came across a possible fix that might be worth a try.  I didn't come up with this, btw, so I can't promise it will work.  Back up your iPhone through iTunes, then disconnect the phone and turn it off.  Hold down home and use USB to connect to your computer and put it into recovery.  Restore through iTunes, but don't go to your backup until after using the setup wizard.  At this stage it should reestablish WiFi.  If not.... Either way, then restore from iTunes, hopefully with functioning WiFi.  Good luck! 


Unfortunately, you're not alone. Many iPhone and iPad users owners have complained about losing wi-fi when they upgraded to iOS6. Several offered solutions in Apple's support group. Among them:


* Try switching wi-fi off and then back on, then click on which ever network you want.


* Go to settings>general>reset>reset network settings


* Go to settings>wifi, then touch the blue arrow by your wifi networks, there will be another screen. First, choose auto-join, then go farther down and hit renew lease.


Hopefully one of the suggestions above will work for you. Otherwise, I'd go to Apple Support and do a search on "iOS6" and "wifi." Good luck.



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