Oct 23, 2012

Is the new Samsung Chromebook worth buying for $249?

I've held off on purchasing a Chromebook because I though they were very overpriced for what they offer. The new Samsung Chromebook is $200(!) cheaper than the old version, and buying one doesn't seem so absurd to me now. What do you think, are they worth it at this price? And maybe this is a stupid question, but can you still use the Chromebook when you don't have an internet connection?


I just got a new chromebook 2 days ago, its a good portable laptop from google. except it lacks speed, it could be faster, but its not overly slow. and when you try to download apps, or any other software, you have to install an app in order to run them, and idk how to do that.... Your choice.



At $249 (more for the 3G model, but I would probably stick with the WiFi, all I need is to pay for yet another device on my mobile plan) it's worth looking at if it fits your needs.  If you need to type on the go vs. being primarily focused on multimedia consumption, I would choose this over a tablet.  If you are more focused on watching cat videos and the latest anime on Netflix on the go, then I would be inclined towards a tablet.  Having a physical keyboard can be a great thing is you are entering significant text, such as doing significant amounts of writing vs. little bits of writing.  A built in HDMI port is a big advantage over an iPad (I assume the mini doesn't have an HDMI port either), since I like to use my nice big flatscreen TV for a display while I'm kicked back on the couch.  For me, this has moved to a possible purchase.  I'm thinking of ordering one for a Christmas present, in fact. GigaOM has a solid video review of it that should help fill in some of the blanks. 



It sounds like you might be better off with an iPad mini or regular iPad. The mini was just announced today, it starts at $329. Costs a bit more, but you can run all the apps available for the iPad. It'll probably do what you want the Chromebook to do, but you'll have a lot more software options.


Whether something is "worth buying" is largely subjective, so it's hard to say. But here's how a writer at Books & Review characterized the new Chromebook:


"The Chromebook is squarely aimed at people who want another device lying around the house, but don't expect it to do much more than browsing, word processing, and maybe watching the occasional video on Youtube."




"Despite a few shortcomings such as poor display quality at certain viewing angles, and the Chromebook's flimsy plastic casing, reviews for the laptop are overwhelmingly positive, stressing that there is plenty of value packed into that $249 price tag."


From the reference about word processing in the first quote, it sounds as if you can use the Chromebook when it's not connected to the Internet.



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