Oct 22, 2012

Which devices will have more of their sales cannibalized by an iPad mini?

With all the speculation about the maybe/for sure/possible/not gonna happen iPad Mini being announced tomorrow, I have to wonder what other tablet's sales will be impacted the most - Google's Nexus 7 or Apple's own iPad?


Depends on the price point.  Aside from the merits of Apple vs Android devices, I think if the comparable Apple product is twice as expensive, it won't affect sales of the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire very much because it will attract a different set of consumers.  But if it doesn't cost TOO much more than those devices, a lot of people would probably go with the Apple product.  The tablet that will have its sales most heavily impacted is probably the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7.  It is more expensive than the Nexus 7 or Kindle Fire, and an iPad "Jr." could even potentially cost less, which would make it a tough sale for Samsung.     

I think it's going to hit Google and Amazon's tablet hard...VERY, VERY HARD. Yeah, it will cannibalize a bit of the larger iPad's sales, but it will also help Apple continue to utterly dominate the tablet market...especially in the education market. Apple seems to have a plan toward that end.

If I were Google or Amazon, I'd be most unhappy about the iPad mini. It's going to smash their 7 inch tablet sales into oblivion.
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