Oct 22, 2012

Read Kindle books on iPad?

iPad books on ibookstore are expensive and I DO not want to buy books from it for my iPad, then I usually read books from amazon, they are very cheap for a large range of books. usually we need a converter to achieve. heard that Epubsoft ebook converter can help greatly on this. so U can also have a try! it saves a lot for reading expense!


If you're still looking for an answer to this, here's a nice guide on how to read Kindle books on your iPad:



From an earlier post on this subject:  Just use the free app from Amazon, don't pay money and get ripped off needlessly.  



Well, I completely agree with kreiley that there is a application called Kindle to read Kindle Books, why to use ebook converter or anything. Anyways, it is a Question & Answer section not a section to recommend things. So, be careful next time!




Why wouldn't you just use the FREE Kindle for iPad app?  You can get it direct from Amazon, so you at least have some confidence in the publisher.  I don't know anything about Epubsoft, other than it costs $45.99 to purchase according to cnet.  True, there is a 30 day free trial, but $45.99 to read ebooks on an iPad when you could do it for free with Amazon's own app.....I don't really have to think about that decision. 



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