Oct 15, 2012

How to print from an iPhone?


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Here are the printing instructions from the iPhone user manual at Apple's website (Chapter 3 page 28).


And here's a link to forum threads at iPhoneForums.net (not affiliated with Apple) in which various iPhone printing problems are discussed, just in case any come up.





Here you go, this explains how to print from your iPhone.

How to print from iPhone

"Apple’s iPhone is an amazing device that has a seemingly endless array of features to help you stay organized and productive. Printing is even possible thanks to the availability of certain apps, some of which are available at the iTunes App Store and others that are third-party applications. These items can really help you to be productive in the usage of your iPhone and can really be a lifesaver when you need to print something on the go. Here’s how to print from your iPhone."
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