Oct 15, 2012

How to print from an iPad?

What do I need to install to print from my iPad?


Hello Friends, I recently asked something in a different forum and I got a negative response. I came across this thread today, and I see you are stating something very interesting: "The Mac must be "on" but may be asleep for them to work. Equivalent PC options exist but you're on your own finding them." I'm currently looking at purchasing an AirPrint compatible printer, and a Mac mini. I specifically asked whether I could expect printopia to work while the mini was asleep, and, as I said, I was told that didn't work. For that reason, I decided I should go ahead and restrict my search to real AirPrint compatible printers, but your statement makes me reconsider that. As of iOS version 4.2, native printing capability is part of iPad's bag of tricks. This capability requires a wireless-enabled printer, and the only control you have over your printing is to set the number of copies to be printed. You can print photos, e-mail messages, and websites, and when Apple adds support for printing in Pages or it's added in other apps such as DocsToGo, you'll be able to print documents as well. You'll find that the little button with an arrow on it — which is located in the Safari, Mail, and Photos apps — contains a Print command. When you tap that command, you see the Print dialog. Follow these steps to print: Thanks and Regards, Agili Ron


its ideal if you do have an airprint enabled printer

but if you dont want to spend the cash and for an easier solution it might be worth giving a third party app like Print n share a go from the app store?


Here's a link from the same site Jim Lynch referred you too, though this is iPad-specific.


But to answer your question, if your iPad is running iOS 4.2 or later, it comes with AirPrint, which allows printing via wi-fi with compatible printers. Here's an Apple support page listing all the manufacturers and models that are AirPrint-enabled. There are a lot of them.





This article covers how to print using an iPhone, but it should also work the same for iPad since they both run iOS.

How to print from iPhone

"Apple’s iPhone is an amazing device that has a seemingly endless array of features to help you stay organized and productive. Printing is even possible thanks to the availability of certain apps, some of which are available at the iTunes App Store and others that are third-party applications. These items can really help you to be productive in the usage of your iPhone and can really be a lifesaver when you need to print something on the go. Here’s how to print from your iPhone."
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