Oct 15, 2012

How can I extend the iPhone's battery life?

I'm often out of the office and traveling, and these are times when I rely most on my phone. I have a 4S now and am planning to get a new iPhone 5 shortly. While I love a lot of things about my iPhone, we still aren't at the point where you can use your phone heavily all day and count on the battery lasting. Other than carrying around something like a portable power "brick", is there a way to gain significant talk time and web browsing on the iPhone. My 'Droid total friends change out the internal battery for a larger one, but that's not an option for an iPhone with its internal battery. I wear a suit when I'm out, and I don't want a pocket full of battery packs and whatnot making me all lumpy.


Aside from taking the steps to decrease power consumption that were mentioned in the first response to your question, the least intrusive way of adding battery life that I've found is a Mophie Juice Pack Plus case.  As the name suggest, it's a case, but it also includes a 2000 mAh battery.  I don't think that these are out yet for the iPhone 5, so you might want to hold off a little white before you pick one up since you are looking at getting a 5 soon.  You do give up some of the sleekness of the "naked" iPhone, and with the case on it will be noticeably thicker and slightly taller, but at least you won't be all lumpy.  

Here are three tips that might help you.

Extend iPhone 5 battery life by disabling LTE

Disable all cellular data to extend iPhone 5 battery life

Save battery power by disabling Siri's Raise to Speak feature in iOS 6
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