Oct 09, 2012

How to monitor an employee desktop?

I suspect some of my employees do not give their best performance, and access confidential company data and treat it without care. What can I do to monitor their activity on their PC or laptop without their knowledge?

Noone mentioned Ammy Admin. Why? The best solutions for corporations and private usage. It is for sure a stable and affordable soft. I use it to to assist, monitor and control, also to share remote desktop. The programm doesn't require specific settings or installation. The remote desktop is available for work within few seconds after Ammyy Admin has been started. Please pay attention that all paid licenses are lifetime. You are to make one-time purchase only. Also you may use it for free for personal usage. Like it.
Well, for this purpose I use this app 06291987myseo It can record any activities, set up website or application blocking and alert issues, remote control employees' computer. Think you this is one what you need.
You can use my PC Tattletale software. I've got a lot of customers that use it for just that:



Computer CID is a world's best & No.1 Computer Software A TO Z Network Activity Control & Recording, Tracking, Capturing & Monitoring Productivity Invisibly (Staff & Child). This software records emails sent and received, websites visited, facebook-orkut-twitter changed, IP address hacked, server hacked, and all other major / minor activities made on computer system with exact date–time–user information in five different formats : images, text, snapshots, video and voice.

Monitoring Software



We use a software called BrowseReporter to monitor the Internet activities of our employees. 


It was very easy to use and affordable. 

After using BrowseReporter, we get a weekly report on their Internet activities and know exactly what websites they have gone to. 


You can try out BrowseReporter free for 21 days on their website - http://www.browsereporter.com


Hi Johan,

First of all, I believe it is a good thing if they know that they are been monitored. I am using a software called Doingcast to monitor my employees and I realized a great improvement on their productivity. Also, now I have the security of knowing what they are doing on my computer.

This is the software I am using: http://doingcast.com 


There are lots of software available in the market like Net Orbit for monitoring employees PC or desktop activities which can help mangers to prevent company’s confidential data and information from being theft. Net Orbit is software which allows manager to see all the activities of employees’ PC in real time. It can record and monitor activities like websites visited, Chat/IM conservations, keystrokes typed, detect USB devices and so on. With the help of these kinds software you can easily monitor and secure company’s confidential data. 15 days trial period is also available so you can try it once.


I discovered iMonitor EAM (Employee Activity Monitor) after an employee leaked out information about the financial situation of a client. I am not a person who wants to snoop around with what others are doing but considering that a very important client was now upset that I had allowed his information to go public, I knew I had to do something. I could not imagine that the person who leaked out the information would admit to it if I asked.


I might late in answering your question but still it can help someone else who has same query.

I suggest two software, Net orbit and SniperSpy. Net orbit is to monitor computers who comes in Local Network or We can say LAN. 


Another one SniperSpy is for Remote location monitoring, you can see employee desktop in real time. 


I'd like to recommend work examiner internet monitoring software to catch ny kind of employee work time abuse even w\o their knowledge..


My partner and I had the same problem with our company and inefficient operations of all employees. So we tried with the purchase and installation of best keylogger software which is said to be good and effective in controlling and checking the efficiency of employees. After installing the aforementioned software, keylogger screenshots, without the knowledge of employees in a short time, we recognize the distinction and division of the employees who work and bring positive results throughout the business and the employees who work most of the time shirk the performance of the main tasks assigned to them.
I highly recommend installing keylogger software in your company, to allow your business wanted progress and only positive results.


Yes it is serious issue but now a days technology is so advance you should try this Recoveryfx for computer monitoring Software with the help of this tool you can keep an eye on every activity on your employees at work station. To know more about software visit here :- http://www.computer-monitoring-software.net/ and download free demo version.  



i have faced the same problem, my company employees always waste time on facebook and other social media site's then i'll try Recoveryfix Computer Monitor the application has been comes with two different files one need to be installed at Viewer's computer and the second to be installed at the employee system and the snapshots are auto saved in JPEG file format. So don't waste your time just try the application and enjoy.


Computer CID is a world's best & No.1 Computer Software A TO Z Network Activity Control & Recording, Tracking, Capturing & Monitoring Productivity Invisibly (Staff & Child). This software records emails sent and received, websites visited, facebook-orkut-twitter changed, IP address hacked, server hacked, and all other major / minor activities made on computer system with exact date–time–user information in five different formats : images, text, snapshots, video and voice.




I think your have two questions:

1.monitor their activity on their PC or laptop without their knowledge: for this, you can try some remote keylogger software.

2.access confidential company dat: for this, if these data they have to used in their work, you'd better use a shared folder protector to protect them; if don't, just store a computer they can't access.


Monitoring the employees is the most important factor for a business to get more from business. By monitoring the employees activities, you will able to get the desired task on time. You can get monitoring details  on your mobile with the help of mobiespion.com/


There are many employee monitoring software can help to do so with ease. Refog  Employee Monitor is one of the most popular keylogger for monitoring employees, however, it seems to expensive; I have using Any Keylogger http://www.anykeylogger.com (much more cheaper only $19.95) for long time, It also works well at my company. 


If you want monitor your employee work on daily basis then there is a software which is called activity-logger software which works like a keylogger also just install this software on your employees system it will watch your system saliently without any acknowledgement of employee. Yo can easily maintain complete log details of your employee system at your email or your required place.






You should must visit this blog for seeing detail with process and reason. see: http://exchangeserver.tumblr.com/post/17701627483/a-software-which-tracks-down-the-employees-computer



HI Johan,

You can command on your employee desktop with the help of LAN Desktop spy Monitor software just install it or you can also tack a help of any professional Tool such as Kernel for Employee Desktop Live Viewer with the help of this software you can monitoring the activities of all employees.


Hope this information help you.


I agree with Christopher, there are tools you can use. But perhaps the first thing to do is let people know that your IT folks will be monitoring their usage of company computers, etc.

Here's an article that might give you a good place to start.

How to Monitor Your Employees' PCs Without Going Too Far

"Do you know what your employees are doing on the Web? At a minimum, they're probably goofing off watching YouTube videos. At worst, they could be steering your company toward financial ruin. In this quick guide, I'll show you how to keep an eye on employee Internet use and monitor just about everything else they do with their PCs.

I can already hear the groans of disgruntled readers as I type these words (and if you're worried about privacy at work, you have ways to stop your boss from spying on you). But gone are the days when PC monitoring was an optional, draconian security measure practiced only by especially vigilant organizations. Today, more than three-quarters of U.S. companies monitor employee Internet use. If your business is in the remaining quarter that doesn't do so, you're probably overdue for a policy change."


Well, it'll be without their knowledge until you use what you learn to discipline or fire someone. Then everyone will know employees are being monitored! If you're going to monitor your employees, you might consider informing them beforehand. That way it's out in the open, plus you might make that problem you're concerned about go away.



A cheap (as in free) option would be activtrak.  http://activtrak.com/


It lets you monitor which applications employees use, as well as provides the URLs for all the websites that they visit.


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