Oct 08, 2012

How can I take a screenshot on an Android phone or tablet?

I need some images of data, and the only way I can figure out how to get that is to take a photo, which looks crummy and has annoying reflections to boot. Is there a way to just take a simple screenshot on android devices?

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How do you screenshot on an android t mobile phone

Follow these simple steps:

  • Hold down the backspace key and press the Power button until the message "Screenshot done ..." appears
  • The captured image is stored in the "Gallery" folder

Taking a screenshot on gadgets with android 4.0 system is just so easy.You just need to press "volume down" and "power" keys synchronously. And if you're working on Android 4.0 lower system, then you should check for the manual which goes along with your gadget to know how to do the trick.


I have also searched for a comprehensive guide which can be read at here.




Here is complete guide how to take screenshot from android phone.


see hrere : http://www.wikihow.com/Take-Screenshots-on-an-Android





You can take a screenshot on Android by tapping vol- and power key combo on almost every single Android phone.

Besides, you can also try some other apps that can help you if you can't get it done.



The button combo thing doesn't work the same for all versions of Android, and on some phones it won't work at all.  The beauty of fragmentation, I suppose.  Back and power buttons work for some Android 2.2 phones, and back and home does on others.  Power and either back or home works for some 2.3 devices.  For 3.0, I don't know of any combo that works.  It is easier on 4.0 devices, which use volume up and the power button.  


There is an app that works on most non-rooted Android devices, but it cost $5.



If you have rooted your phone, there are free apps on Google play that work great.  I use aScreenshot, which lets you take a screenshot by shaking the device or pressing whatever button I assign to trigger it.  



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