Oct 08, 2012

iphone 4 not Iphone 4S software upgrade

i would like to upgrade my iphone 4 to ios5 or ios6 but when i go into setting> general there is NO software upgrade option - what do i do?

Here's an article that explains how to update to iOS 6 manually.

How to Manually Update to iOS 6

"Most of you will just want to sit and wait for the iOS 6 update to arrive OTA or through iTunes.

However, for those of you that don’t like to sit around and wait for iOS 6 to arrive, you have the option of downloading the iOS 6 update directly, bypassing the iTunes servers completely.

Maybe it’s because you have a bad connection, maybe you don’t want to install this very moment, or maybe you’re just impatient. Whatever the case may be, there is a way to download iOS 6 directly and we want to help you through the process."

You need to have the latest iTunes update to the latest version of 10.5.1.  After reboot, connect to your laptop and iTunes should have a pop up window that tells you there is an update for your phone.  Close that and check your device on iTunes.  There should be an OS update available to you there.  I think that should work, if not, I guess I would go to the mall, get an Orange Julius and ask one of those helpful lads/lasses at the nearest Apple store.

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