Oct 05, 2012

What would cause a printer on a network to spool, but then drop documents from the queue without printing?

I added a printer to my office network that is made up of all Windows 7 machines, but I can not get it to print documents. They spool up fine, then just disappear from the queue without anything happening with one odd exception, they will print from notepad. The printer works fine, and it shows up on the network, so I assume it is something about the network setup that is causing the issue. Any ideas?



 this problem is printer drivers,

 re instal printer drivers 

and start the spooler service

Start > Run > cmd and type "net stop spooler" after that "net start spooler" or start > run > service.msc and restart it over the GUI.



print spool keeps stopping fix

or docs disappearing from queue


go to printer and devices

right click on printer


select printer preferences

go to tab, advanced

select more options


under appearance mode

unclick show printer status window

click never show printer status window or printivity tips

click ok


restart computer

printer will now work



I experienced a similar issue a year or so ago.  It sounds like you need to add the printer as a local printer.  Just go into you "Devices and Printers" folder, choose add printer, and add local printer.  

I'm sure it goes without saying, but as the other poster suggested, make sure that you have downloaded the up to date drivers from the printer manufacturer. 




I'd check to make sure you have the latest printer drivers installed. You may also want to check the manufacturer's support area on their site. See if there's a discussion forum there as well, if you're having this problem then others have probably encountered it and you may find a solution in their posts.
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