Oct 05, 2012

Would you ever pay Facebook $7 to "promote" a post?

So Facebook has started offering not only businesses but individuals the ability to pay $7 to promote their individual posts. I can maybe......just maybe......understand why a business would pay to increase the visibility of a specific post and stick it at the top of everyone's feed. Would you personally every pay $7 to have Facebook promote your own posts? My personal reaction is that if my FB friends start paying at getting their posts at the top of my feed they are going on the short list for de-friending PDQ.


No way, and unless it was something extraordinarily time sensitive (ex., tsunami will arrive in 12 minutes, call Ironman ASAP), I would think it was an incredible example of narcissism from an individual.  My reaction would be even more negative if a business did it, because it would take advantage of my having "friended" a company,and make the message they chose more important than everything from my actual, living breathing friends.  I expect we will see more of this type of thing with Facebook, as the company faces pressure to maximize all revenue streams.  Respect for users is not a fiduciary duty of Facebook management, they owe shareholders their primary duty.  Welcome to the world of publicly held corporations.        


I agree with Jim Lynch, except this stupid idea doesn't make me want to delete my Facebook account because I already deleted my Facebook account. Facebook has given off a bad vibe for a long time, in my opinion. It's only necessary in some people's lives because they've allowed it to be.



No, never. It's an incredibly stupid idea, and it makes me want to delete my Facebook account. I'm staying put for the time being since a lot of people I know are on that service, but I can't wait for the day when there's a viable competitor that's not Google.
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