Oct 04, 2012

How can I use non-WPA compliant devices on a network without making it unsecure?

My daughter has a handheld game system that doesn't support WPA security for wireless connections. How would you set up a wireless network to allow it access without throwing security out the window? It is WEP compliant, but I would just as soon not have my wireless network security downgraded from WPA2 to WEP.


The easiest would be to revert to WEP , but as you noted that would be significantly less secure than WPA2.  I would probably buy a new access point or router that allows you to create a guest network, and then create a guest network for your daughter that is WEP, and at the same time you can keep WPA for your WPA compatible devices, and won't have to compromise your overall network security.   

You may not be able to do it unless you change your network settings. I suggest visiting the site of the manufacturer of her game system. See if they cover networking, there might be a workaround that is specific to that particular device.
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