Oct 04, 2012

What happens when the archive log directory becomes full in Oracle Database 10g?

I'm still learning my way around Oracle Database. How does it handle it if the archive log directory becomes full?


After the directory becomes full, the next time database tries to write an archive log it will suspend database activity, and will stay suspended until there is enough space available for a new file.  If you are looking for a decent beginners guide to Database, there is a book that Oracle Press puts out called, creatively, Oracle Database 10g, A Beginners Guide.  You might find it useful.  

Here's a blog post by an Oracle Certified Professional that seems to address this issue. The post is three years old, but it probably is applicable today. He lists six steps you can take.


Good luck, dvarian.
I was not able to find information related to this directly. You might want to check out Oracle's support center, however. There's probably some info there related to this that could prove helpful to you.

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